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  Welcome to Data Recovery Pakistan.

Data Recovery Pakistan is one of the renowned data recovery services across the region. We excel in providing the best recovery solution for Hard disk, RAID disk, Laptop and other Removable media storage devices. Our experienced and hard working engineers work 24 hours a day to restore and recover data.

Data Recovery Pakistan is working on all types of storage media for recovery of lost data. We have a dedicated recovery team which is making the best use of high-tech and state-of-the-art data recovery techniques. We offer a reliable, satisfactory, fast and cost effective data restore service. When the data seems to be in great danger of loss and there are slim chances of recovery then Data Recovery Pakistan would be the one to catch you falling from the edge.

Our data recovery services include recovery of Hard disk, RAID disk, Laptop and Tape drives. Data Recovery Pakistan's expert recovery engineers restore all the data from damaged devices.

Hard Drive Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery for IDE, SCSI, and SATA drives including internal and external hard drive and drives in external USB/Firewire case.

Raid Recovery
Raid Data Recovery

RAID data recovery services for all types of RAID including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 by Data Recovery Pakistan.

Laptop Recovery
Laptop Recovery

Laptop data recovery services from all brands of Laptops, all types of Laptop drive including IDE and SATA and from all size of Laptop drive.

Data Recovery form Tapes
Tape Data Recovery

Tape recovery using advanced technologies and techniques such as Cleansing, re-spooling and re-configuration from all types of Tapes.

FAT 16/32 - NTFS
File System Recovery

All file systems are recovered which include Windows FAT16/32, NTFS, UNIX File system, Linux File system, Mac Operating system.


Data Recovery Pakistan has a leading position in the list of data recovery companies. Data recovery for Removable media including External hard drive, Flash drives and Memory Card is carried out by using latest techniques in our recovery labs.

Data recovery is dependent on the way the process of restoring data is performed. Our recovery process is performed not only in safe environment but also by highly trained professionals keeping data privacy as our prime object.