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We have dedicated professionals to assist you in all data crisis situations. Get help now to recover your lost data!

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Our tools are according to the needs of the current market. We have a bunch of tools, designed specially for your recovery needs.

  Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Pakistan has been providing data recovery service using latest techniques. The company is
using custom data recovery software for recovery which are developed by the company's engineers for in lab recovery services of media including Hard drive, RAID drive, Tapes, USB drive and Removable media. These recovery softwares are the latest tools to salvage data which cannot be recovered by using any other mean. Our experts are having wealth of experience and knowledge in disaster recovery field.

  Services Overview

Data Recovery Pakistan is offering reliable and secure services at affordable price to its client. Data Recovery Pakistan is providing recovery services for all types of storage media including:

      Hard drive   Hard drive
      RAID   RAID
      Servers   Servers
      Laptop/notebook   Laptop/Notebook hard drives
      Tape   Tape
      Flash memory   Flash memory
      Floppy diskettes   Floppy diskettes
      Zip/Jaz Cartridges   Zip/Jazz Cartridges
      CD/DVD   CD/DVD

Data Recovery Pakistan helps its customers to get their data back irrespective of the data type and Operating system. Data is recovered from all operating system including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS.