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We have dedicated professionals to assist you in all data crisis situations. Get help now to recover your lost data!

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Our tools are according to the needs of the current market. We have a bunch of tools, designed specially for your recovery needs.

  Tape Drive:

Data recovery service helps to get back lost data from Tape drives effectively and successfully. Our experienced and confident experts recover data from every type of Tape drive. We are using high-tech technology and machinery to recover the precious data.

Data Recovery Pakistan has hired specialized team which is conversant in all media types including:

      restore   Tape-4mm DAT
      restore   Tape-8mm
      restore   Tape- DLT III / DLT IV
      restore   Super DLT
      restore   Iomega Ditto
      restore   Travan QIC

Data Recovery Pakistan is dedicated in recovering data back from Tape drives. The common reasons of data loss from Tapes are:

      restore   Cartridge dropped
      restore   Exposure to severe temperature
      restore   Backup failure
      restore   Physical damage
      restore   Logical failure

In such a situation Tape drive stops working but Data Recovery Pakistan has got the perfect solution for Tape drive to put them in operation again and minimizes the worries.

We are working 24 hours a day to provide you assistance.

Our data recovery engineers examine the media methodically before the start of recovery process.


When backups are being taken, make sure that media from which backup is being taken is write-protected