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  Windows File System NTFS Data Recovery:

NTFS is the default file system used in Windows Xp operating system and later versions. It was first time introduced in Windows NT. When introduced, the NTFS was providing as compared to other contemporary file system more usability and features being complicated in nature. NTFS is more secure file system then FAT and can handle storage media with large capacity which is not possible in FAT based file system environment.

Data Recovery Pakistan specialized team for windows data recovery recovers data with perfection from NTFS file system. Our engineers are much familiar with the present and up coming tools and technologies as well their short comings. This file system NTFS (New Technology File system) is commonly used in Windows NT and Windows XP. NTFS brought immense change in the computer industry with all it new and remarkable features. Although NTFS file system is very secure but there always exist some aspects which can lead to data loss.

When facing any data loss scenario incase of NTFS file system, recovery process is more complicated and the data recovery experts at Data Recovery Pakistan can handle such situation with the experience they have gained while working on windows based OS recovery.

It is recommended incase of data loss that self diagnosis should not be performed because this might further complicate the problem rather than solving it and you might lose the chances of recovery you have. There is probability of data being over written which would lead to permanent data loss. Immediately take the storage media from which data has been lost to an expert who will recover data in dirt-free environment. We are working for several years on data recovery solutions so just count on us for any data recovery service.