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We have dedicated professionals to assist you in all data crisis situations. Get help now to recover your lost data!

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Our tools are according to the needs of the current market. We have a bunch of tools, designed specially for your recovery needs.

  Media Recovery:

Data Recovery Pakistan offers recovery services for all kind of storage media’s including CD, DVD, Flash drive, iPod, PDA, Sim card and Memory cards. Data Recovery Pakistan's engineers are expert in the filed of recovering and restoring data. If you are facing a situation in which you are unable to access your data on any kind of storage media then feel free to contact us.

memory-card  Memory Card Data Recovery:

We offer data recovery services from all kinds of Memory cards like Camera's memory cards, iPod memory cards, Compact flash card, Secure digital card and Mobile memory cards.

flash  Flash Drive Data Recovery:

Our expert data recovery team extracts all the data from the damaged and wrecked flash drives.

simcard  Sim Card Data Recovery:

Probability of failures is increasing in parallel to the increasing market of the sim cards. For this purpose Data Recovery Pakistan has launched its services- sim card data recovery.

jaz  Jazz Data Recovery:

We are a renowned data recovery company in the region offering you the data recovery services for Jazz diskette, Floppy disk and Zip diskette.

pda  PDA Data Recovery:

PDA devices are facing more data loss situation due to more average usage as compare to any other device especially those using memory cards.

ipod  Ipod Data Recovery:

Ipod are small devices and have great chances of getting damaged. Safe ipod recovery services is done while ensuring data privacy.

cd-dvd  CD/DVD Data Recovery:

Data is lost due to damages and defects of the CD and DVD’s, and such data is restored at Data Recovery Pakistan.